Weird music made mainly from children's records.
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~ Welcome to a website that really loves scratch music ~
Have a look & a listen around. It's sample collage.
It's free, it's all crazy-super-magical-funtime-goodness,
and it's waiting on you.
You can keep it waiting if you'd like.
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weird music
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hi there!
40 albums, 7 e.p.s, 3 singles, & more and counting!
Fortyone does video!
coming soon eventually maybe
not that many but hopefully still counting!
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newest release Breaks Records On My Wall E.P. #2
hi there!
Stay tuned
IF THIS works then I
was unable to update
the page you're on right
now so go there for
no holiday or fortnight videos this year.
celebrate in the archives!
weird music
Twenty Scratchteen!
Making this the year of the scratch!
Itching My Scratch
Another brand new funky dope scratch music release!
and before that: newest album:
yet even more funky dope scratching!)
Super Hillbilly Sound Delight
and before that another e.p.
even more funky dope scratching!)
Special Ed Breaks
Big Daddy Kane Breaks
Breaks Records On My Wall E.P. #2 DJ Style Scratch Sox
before that:
a brand new style of release:
the freelove breaks series!

(more funky dope scratching!)